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simplygoodtex mex


been rollingsince 1995

1995: Brian Wheeler, 25, inexperienced but fueled by passion, dives into the world of Tex-Mex. He opens “Tijuana Flats,” turning his dream into reality.
Over the years, Tijuana Flats flourishes. Expanding to over 140 locations and employing a team of 3,000, it ignites a taco revolution.
2015: Seeking new culinary horizons, Brian sells Tijuana Flats to a private equity firm and shifts his focus to develop “Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen.”
Under new management, Tijuana Flats diverges from Brian’s founding vision, altering its core essence.
2021: Inspired by their father’s legacy, Wheeler sons, Jake and Gavin, see an opportunity; their vision: simple, yet flavorful. Motivated, they get to work.
2023: After years of dedication, the Wheeler trio launches “Big Taco.” More than just a restaurant, it’s a celebration of family heritage with a commitment to revive tasty, simple, made to order tacos & burritos.
The moral of the story: Non-competes fade, yet family legacies remain.

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